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I intended to go for a walk today but kept on dragging my feet. My inner accuser; sloth, tormentor, kept making excuses & just wouldn’t let me. So I waited… and waited… until pockets of clouds began forming & tiny drops of rain trickled down from the skies.  

'I better get going before the showers come pouring' I thought, but an hour had passed, and I’m still slumped over listening to the rain making music on the roof. I guess I will not be going for a walk after all. The showers have prevented me. Finally it stopped raining. I hurry outside and turn right on the second street. Suddenly I glanced up at the sky and there it was! The remains of a beautiful double rainbow. I wished I had seen that banner of perfection spreading itself across the deep blue sky.

But I missed the bow & cannot help but question why?

There’s  a tendency in life to drag our feet while procrastination steals the time. Missing a rainbow might seem trivial if you don’t know or understand the symbolism.

The rainbow is defined as a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, for

me It is a sign of God’s promise of redemption to give humanity a chance to begin again.


According to (Genesis 9v11-17) the rainbow symbolizes God's promise never to destroy the earth again with a flood and it is the covenant of mercy and kindness, between God and man.

Whenever I see a rainbow I am reminded of this promise and a double rainbow is the confirmation and sealing of the covenant. God's covenant includes salvation from sin & the wrath to come, those who receive the gift of salvation by accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Lord & Savior will be presented faultless before God and those who don’t will be separated from God for eternity by choice. Many of us believe that Jesus is indeed God's Son, while others have rejected God’s offer and wait and wait and drag their feet from surrendering to Jesus, until it’s too late and raining fire & brimstone in hell.


I missed the rainbow.... But what if I miss heaven?

What If I Miss Heaven?

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