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Paula Bobb is a minister of the gospel, and is the wife of Tyrone Bobb; founder and senior pastor of T.A.B. Ministries, located in Toronto, Canada. She serves as an evangelist, a missionary, and a worship leader. She is passionate about God and evangelizing the gospel through local and international outreach ministries. She received the Life Changers Club: International Woman of Influence Award in 2020 for recognition of over 7 years of service to the community. She loves the arts, and works as an actress and model in various films, television, and print advertisement. She became an author in 2020, and her first book will be published in the spring of 2021.




I was born in the island of Jamaica where at the tender age of 5 my father was diagnosed with mental illness; becoming abusive and incapable of supporting us as a result. Consequently, my mother was left to raise me and my siblings as a single parent, thrusting us into a life of poverty. In my fragility  I was later molested, and in what I perceived as a show of  strength, I assumed the responsibility of taking care of myself by all means.



I became wild, rebellious and sought love in all the wrong places. Being the eldest at the time, and privy to my mother’s struggles, I subconsciously took on the role of a provider and did what I deemed necessary to get by.  I became very promiscuous, resulting in several broken relationships which spiraled me onto a very destructive path. By the age of seventeen I was pregnant and a high school drop-out.




I was severely sad, depressed, hopeless, lonely  and often entertained suicidal thoughts. I had no goal or sought any purpose in life, and even though I grew up in church I had no faith in God. I eventually migrated to Canada & after experiencing a major breakdown,  I knew I had to change the trajectory of my life by re-discovering God & purpose.



The first thing I discovered during my awakening was that I am a daughter of the King.

 Although my earthly father was missing , I was adopted into the family of God and the plans and purposes he had for me were prosperity, hope, and a great future. It was also evident that I had lost my joy, and its absence absolved me of the strength I needed in order to succeed in life. I proceeded to reclaim my happiness by ridding myself of limiting beliefs that crippled my road to progress, and began embracing infinite jubilation, and used it as a catapult to propel me  onto my own true path to happiness.




I found purpose in serving as a missionary, volunteering in prison ministries,  giving back to the community, and writing books. As I adopted the attitude of servitude, I gained a sense of profound joy while helping others to obtain faith and develop a personal relationship with God. Joy is not limited to the confines of our external circumstances because it is a supernatural gift from God. While you can create a life of happiness for yourself, joy is needed to sustain it and if you acknowledge the Creator of all living things, he will bestow upon you the gift of undiluted joy. God created you purposely to be happy and share that exuberance with everyone around you.


I am here to encourage anyone that due to current circumstances or  past failures has found themselves devoid of joy. I am thrilled to empower YOU to find the secrets to true happiness and inner peace no matter your surrounding conditions or present state of affairs. Happiness is a possibility right now, and you can be free of bad memories as  you begin embracing your own true path to happiness and start living your dreams in their entirety. I am confident in your ability to shed your past trauma, and I am honored to be apart of the journey.

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